Das Gift sets New Standard for Pink Floyd Tribute Bands

Das Gift - Any Cover You Like CDDas Gift, darkwave act fronted by Adrian James, announces an ambitious sophomore release titled "Any Cover You Like" – a 19-track tour de force through the Pink Floyd catalog, from"Dark Side of the Moon" to "A Momentary Lapse of Reason."  Preorder the CD now in the band's online store. 

James brings his perfectionism and a penchant for the elaborate to the project – calling in the exotic sounds of sitar, string ensemble, and kid chorus to complete the new arrangements – as well as Robert Dickey (guitar/bass) and Taran Ware (drums).  Expect all the Pink Floyd covers heard as the band headlined Halloween's "Cover Up" concerts (Vino's/Midtown - Little Rock, Arkansas); plus many, many more.  Styled to resemble a mini LP record, the CD is especially geared for Floyd fans as a celebration of the band – and in particular, the album era of the 1970s.

The Pink Floyd covers include fan-favorites "Comfortably Numb," "Wish You Were Here," "Money," and "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)," as well as a handful of obscure "deep cuts" – all performed in the band's laden overtones.  A perfect pairing with the material, Das Gift was already heralded as "the next Pink Floyd" by the host of Pennsylvania's Malice Radio

Little Rock Live Concerts by Das Gift

With a long-standing affection for the music, Das Gift performed on Halloween in costume as a limited-engagement Pink Floyd tribute band, headlining the annual "Cover Up" event (Vino's/Midtown - Little Rock, Arkansas); and that live set of Pink Floyd cover songs would eventually snowball into the 19-track Pink Floyd tribute album.

Rather than modernize or reproduce the songs note-for-note (as heard by other talented Pink Floyd tribute bands), Das Gift has aimed for something more amorphous.  While there are a few faithful renditions in the mix, the band refuses to color in the lines.  Worthy of mention are the smoky jazz club intro of "Money," the mystical sitar bends of "Brain Damage," the Type O Negative-evoking distorted bass of "Run Like Hell" – and a late addition, the haunting a capella "On the Turning Away."  Like the Das Gift debut, the album of Pink Floyd covers promises to be a difficult album to put in a box. 

In the studio, James lends his trademark melancholy-tinged vocals to the Floyd material, as well as picking up the full gamut of instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard, violin and more).  Fellow Floyd fan, Robert Dickey, trades vocals with James, while alternating between bass and guitar. Taran Ware performs the band's signature pounding drums on the studio album. 

Perhaps the highlight of the project, the Das Gift string ensemble features the talents of Marcos Ferreira (violin), Jeff Strain (double bass), Dwight Denman (cello), Deanna Wood (viola), and Sharla Emory (sitar, flute).  Also appearing are the voices of special guests Anita Dickey and Charmaine, lead singer of the edgy girl-fronted Arkansas band, Always April.  Das Gift's Pink Floyd tribute also sets itself apart from other Pink Floyd tribute bands with the added voices of the Dickey kids (the children's chorus featured live and in studio).  

Preorder the album in the band's online store.

With a growing following – especially in the regional community of goth music groups – the band centers its concerts in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is available for booking with a 1.5 hour set. The show usually features interpretations of the band's musical influences, including indie and goth music groups like the Cure, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode.

Find out more about Das Gift at the band's website DasGift.com, or Preorder the album of Pink Floyd covers in the official band store.  
Track List for Any Cover You Like:
    • Speak to Me
    • Breathe in the Air
    • Breathe in the Air (Reprise)
    • Money
    • Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Part 2)
    • Have a Cigar
    • Wish You Were Here
    • Pigs on the Wing (Part 1)
    • Pigs on the Wing (Part 2)
    • Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
    • Is There Anybody Out There?
    • Nobody Home
    • The Final Cut (Excerpt)
    • Comfortably Numb
    • On the Turning Away
    • Run Like Hell
    • Outside the Wall
    • Brain Damage
    • Eclipse

Pink Floyd Cover Album Cast and Crew


"With flawless covers and new layers added… Pink Floyd themselves would be proud… Undeniably worth every minute of the wait." - Arkansas Entertainment Beat, Arkansas

"Like a darker, goth-tinged version of early Peter Gabriel, progressive but catchy enough to attract a broad range of fans… melancholy and emotive enough for goths but conceptual enough to appeal to progressive rock and pop fans, as well." - Grave Concerns, New York

"Das Gift is a blessing… a great composition of sound, musical structure, and lyrics worthy of a Triple Platinum." - American Gothique, Alaska

"AJ’s vocal delivery can be very emotionally penetrating. Only a really anthracite soul would fail to be touched." - MorbidOutlook.com, New York

"Triply more interesting than [Evanescence]… James' voice seeps in like a velvet wind" - Virus! Magazine, Germany

"The next Pink Floyd" - Malice Radio, Pennsylvania

"Brings back the roots of Goth with a cathedral rock sound"- DJ Infam0us of ReGen Magazine, Maryland

"For a band dressed in all black on a 98-degree day, Das Gift is actually a fun-loving bunch… Das Gift is fighting against the mundane music that populates the FM dial." - Sync Magazine, Arkansas

"Das Gift took the stage and boldly played a Pink Floyd song damn near as well as Pink Floyd plays it. When that song ended, my friend and I were high-fiving, yelling "Hell Yeah!" and dying for more. It only got better." - Fan Blog, Arkansas